Red Mobile Catering Van Retail Food Trailer For Sale

People regard the food as the  most important fundamental. With the development of economic is better and better, people not just pay attention to whether they can be full or not.But they also pay more attention the food tastes and food variety.The street fast food is popular by people.If you are good at making the food, you can have a catering van to make retail business.

Catering van description

The catering van is red. Red is a popular color on many stuffs in life. People like to apply it. The color on the van is eye-catching. At the catering can front side, the sales windows are with sliding glass. It can make the catering more safe and solid. Besides, the top has the space for putting the sunshade. You can adjust the sunshade when you want to extend it or put it away. It is very flexible to operate for you. Besides, there is one small dish bar in front of the window. It is for customers to take their foods.

catering van

The catering van two sides has the small window for normal ventilation. One end is front side for installing tow bar together. Another end is the food trailer rear which is with tail lights together. Besides, The catering van has single axle wheels which is very suitable for such big food van. If it is more bigger, normally it will equips double axle wheels. Besides, the 4 lifting jacks can support the whole food trailer ad make it stable no matter where you will park it.

Internal layout

Two sides have the stainless steel workbenches. They are very durable because metal materials. Besides, the cupboard is under the workbench. You can store many food materials and tools inside the cupboard. The cupboards can be with doors or without doors, which depend on your needs and work convenience. In addition, inside the food trailer, we can help you install the air conditioner. And offer the complete sink water system. The sink can be with 1-4 pools and cold/hot taps, pumps etc.. We also install safe electric device, such as sockets, cables, switch, lamps. You can use the catering van to work maximumly.

catering van layout

Real effect

This is the real picture of the catering van.It is very high quality.

real effect

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