Red Mobile Fast Food Shop BBQ trailer for Sale

BBQ trailers and BBQ kiosks are popular in the street. Attractive fin redd delicious tastes attract more customers to buy. It’s a nice idea to open a BBQ trailer to earn money. Here is a nice fast food trailer to share with you, you can also get a perfect and customized BBQ trailer with you.

Food trailer

Description of BBQ trailer

As we can see in the design, this BBQ KIOSK is in red color, that remind poeple of your business from distance. You can use it anywhere to start a business, for example, in the street, park, outside walls, and even food court.

BBQ trailer

This BBQ mobile cart has doors on both sides, one is the entrance door and another has a window. It is good to get more air and you can also be aware of your customers so you can serve them soon. The front sales windows have a tray on the front to prop them up when opening to facilitate the delivery of items to customers.

outdoor food trailer

Wheels and jacks

The wheels are set in the middle of the food trailer. It is easy to move by truck. When you get to the location, drop the jack and it’s ready to use. It’s very stable and safe because the food trailer doesn’t move anymore

jack of food trailer

Inside counter

The inside counter is a stainless steel work table. It has display shelving for display items. We can also make bottom cabinets with shelving and sliding doors. We can also put necessary equipment in suitable locations. You can tell us which style of machines you need, and we can add them to your BBQ trailer.

needed equipments

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