Red Mobile Food Van High Quality Snack Trailer

Almost every street night market is very busy and full with people. People like to enjoy their relaxing time at food streets. And there are many street retailers. Most of them sell fast foods. And mobile food van is the feature of the food street. They can move their booth to get business from different consumers. Their consumers groups is very big. You can have your own platform to start the business too.

Mobile food van window part

Our first impression and strong vision on the food van is its red color. The red always stands out from other colors. The color application depends on your hobby. What you like and what can be used. This perspective shows us the sales window. The sales window has 4 sliding doors, and there is one sunshade cover the windows. You can adjust the sliding window for your working convenience degree. The window has one table which can be folding. And when you have prepared the foods, you can put them on the table and consumers can take them away. Near the window, there is one board which can be written something on it. You can write promotion information, hot selling foods, or what you want to show. People can get it easily.

mobile food van

Front part

Let’s shift our focus to the food trailer front part design. The wall has one black frame to hold air condition device. And its beside also has other device to connect the inside machine. No matter what kind of equipment you need use, we can install it for you. The chassis has the triangle towing bar and its surface is solid. So it can also hold something, such as toolkit boxes. You can use car or motorcycle to connect the cart by tow bar chains then move it.

mobile food van 2

Back part

And change our attentions on the snack truck rear part. It has the entrance door, its tail light system and power supply device. And from this view, we can see the silver metal decorates the mobile food van edges and the cart middle. The middle silver decoration makes the cart have layering feeling because it has two parts. What’s more, the single axle wheel is designed at the chassis back part not in the middle. And it has lifting jacks at bottom to help wheels to support the whole cart body together.

mobile food trailer

food truck


Business steps

1. Tell us your requirements of the food truck size, color, machine needs, shape or structure etc..

2. Pay for 3D design cost and we arrange design for you.

3. Modify 3D design details by us and confirm design by you.

4. Have a order cooperation

5. Production & shipping

6. More details about the steps please contact us for help.


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