Red Mobile Snack Trailer Special Fast Food Truck

Would you like to open one food booth outdoor by one mobile snack trailer? The mobile booth can take your shop brand everywhere and all people can see your brand. So the mobile snack trailer needs to be colorful with your advertisements or promotion information. In this way, you can make your food booth into people’s deep impression. How colorful the snack trailer can be? Let’s see one type of it.

food trailer

Mobile snack trailer description

This one mobile snack trailer has several hot selling points and many functions. First, its structure shape is special. Its top part is like one hat shape which is wore on a head. Second is the snack cart color which is bright red. It can catch people’s eyes so easily. And it will be outstanding from other booths. Third is that the food trailer decoration. Around the sales windows, the surface full with colorful poster with many information and patterns to attract customers. For example, we can many vegetables and snack patterns, we can know you express healthy and fresh foods. And there are the contact number and food brand website in the poster. Consumers can learn more about you well from website. They can also call you by ordering the take-out foods.

Mobile snack trailer

What’s more, your shop name logo type also can be put on the snack truck top areas. The logos and words can be different colors which be highlight the information from the background. 3 sides all design the sliding door windows. When you open the windows, you can get the ventilation and also can sell fast foods from every side. About the rear part, the sunshade is very big to cover the sunshine for consumers. And it also has a little dining table to hold the snacks. The bottom designs the high visibility tail light system.

mobile snack trailer 2

The front head of the mobile catering food truck is without windows because here designs door for entry. And the chassis part has the durable and strong galvanized tow bar. The guide wheels on tow bar can help you turn or lead the directions. Its half back part can bear heavy goods, such as electric box or toolkit, air conditioner device. You can use the car to pull the big cart body. The axles are double type in the cart chassis middle and every corner is with high bearing jacks too.

mobile snack trailer 3


Internal layout

The working benches are enough thick round every window side. It contains the water sinks with enough water tanks and pumps together. And other sides counters have the storage shelves. You can make foods at the working areas. There is one tall shelf with many layers to put the trays at the corner. If you have special requirements of the foods carts we can customize. All electric devices are complete in the trailer. You can stand stably on the non-slip floor when working.


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