Red Outdoor Coco Cola Snack Stall Creative Street Beverage Kiosk

Coca cola is one famous brand of the drink. And it takes big market share in beverage industry. Most people like to drink it in daily life. The coco cola is delicious for people, and it can make people happy. If you want to open one snack booth, we can customize it based on the brand you will sell. The brand effects can bring more consumers to your booth. Next, let’s take views on one outdoor coco cola snack stall.

Outdoor coco cola snack stall

Outdoor coco cola snack stall color

As we all know that coco cola brand main color is red. So we use the red as the outdoor coco cola snack stall main color series. This color always eye-catching in people’s visions. The red represents the enthusiasm. The red combines a little white to embellish the edges. This matches the brand style very much.

Top structure

The coco cola snack stall top structure is so attractive and special. Its shape is like the structure of the house roof, but it has its own structure features which is with fracture feeling. The white coco cola brand logo and your own booth name is on the facade top middle. The signs are very clear in the red background.

Display layout

The posters which shows many products to people at the sales window eave. It is easy for people to see the posters because it is at top area. The following is the shelf with many display spaces to show different kinds of snacks. It is towards to people side and they can take the snacks conveniently. There are many display fixtures in the snack kiosk to hold the products. And people can ask you to take what they need to them. In addition, the sales window two sides all place the big refrigerators to show the coco cola and other drinks. Consumers can choose their tastes of the beverages. All doors has the roller shutter door design for you to lock the booth to protect your stuffs at night.

Outdoor coco cola snack stall


The snack stand two sides have creative and unique design. The top also shows the logo, and the main part has a big coco cola bottle model decoration. Its beside is the shelves to display the magazines. People also can take magazines from here. What’s more, another side decoration is different. There is also one coco cola bottle model but its inside part also has the shelves to put magazines. And the beside area is one big stand with many layers to display other snacks too.

Outdoor snack stallProduction

This is the real production effect of this one design. So normally after you confirm the design we made for you, we can start the issues of production. And we will produce kiosk as the same as the design. The time for production is about 28-32 working days.

outdoor food kiosk


If you want smaller booth, we can customize it based on your requests. Besides, the color, style, layout etc, all can be designed by our profession design team and produced by our skillful workers.

street food kiosk


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