Red Street Hot Dog Cart Mobile Snack Food Truck

You can buy hot dogs on the street or in hot dog restaurants. Hot dogs are a kind of snack food. They are convenient and quick for people. People often buy hot dogs at parties and when watching games. Sharing is always the happiest. The soul of a hot dog for people is to play with others, not just to eat. Share it with friends on a specific occasion, play with them, eat them together. That’s the right way to eat a hot dog. And you can take street hot dog cart everywhere. Next, we share one useful hot dog cart for you.

food trailer

Street hot dog cart description

This one street hot dog cart is big and it has two selling window. Every sales window has the foldable table for holding the hot dog foods for people. And the window door can be supported by the holding bar as the sunshade for the selling area. It can offer shield when it is sunny, and keep out of rain when it raining. There is the handle on the sunshade then you can put it up and down conveniently. At the cart body chassis, the wheel is single axle type but its front and back side all equip the several small durable wheels. Here we can make the brake system if you need. And its jacks are oblique type. The whole chassis structure is durable and strong to support the cart body.

Street hot dog cart

Let’s look at it from a different perspective on the front head of the food trailer. It installs one white pipe through the cart body inside to connect the air conditioner. The towing cover is A shape. But one rectangle board is welded on the tow bar to put the toolkit and air conditioner. The traction system includes guide wheel and chain device together. Every accessory is useful. The hot dog cart left wall is glossy. And rear part has the door and tail light system together.

street hot dog cart 2

street hot dog cart 3

Cart inside layout

The cart inside layout can be customized based on your needs. The kitchen range hood and stainless steel benches, electric device, air conditioner, lamps, water sinks all have a good layout. All can meet your works and bring the convenience to you. We can also offer machines to you such as hot dog oven, crepes maker, gas burner,food warmer showcase, cake displays etc.. And such big cart body space can hold 2-3 persons inside to sell the fast foods.

Color options

The main color of the street hot dog cart is red. But all color series are feasible to make on the cart.


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