Retail 20Ft Clothes Shop Shipping Container Custom Garment Kiosk

The shipping container is a good choice for most people to open a shop. The shipping container shop not only has enough space, but also can be with a good decoration. It can help you reduce cost on the shop rent and decoration. It is very cost-effective for you. You can do every kind business, because we can customize it to match your business. Today, we show you one clothes shipping container shop with some details.

Shipping container description

This one shipping container is for clothes business. And its size is 20ft, 40ft is optional which depends on your needs. The shipping container is very durable and high quality because it is metal material. Besides, its surface is black, but whatever colors you want, we can paint it. And it can also be with different decoration and layouts. For this one container shop, the entrance is big and welcome people. When people pass by the clothes shop, they can see a whole and complete layout. The most important is that they can see the clothes styles directly. It can attract people to come into the shop.

clothes shop shipping container

Display furniture

There are two kinds display fixtures in the clothes shipping container shop. One kind is the display rack. It is against the short end side of the shop. The rack top can put some folded clothes and its middle has the rod to hang and display some T-shirts. Two sides bottom has two layers drawers and middle area is for putting the shoes. This can show the layering feeling. Another side is placed the display cabinet. It is very big with 4 parts. Two ends layout is the same and middle two is the same but is different from two ends parts. The cabinet has the spotlights. Such clothes display layout catches people’s eyes. Two end parts can display the clothes style and middle part shows folded clothes. People can see there are many clothes for options. Besides, you can also display the shoes. And bottom are many storage drawers.

clothes shop shipping container 2

Customer waiting area

At the left corner, there is one special table and one stool inside. It is for the owner to meet the customers. And two comfortable chairs with a small tea table is in the retail stall  middle. The layout is reasonable and leave suitable space for people visit the clothes in the shop.

clothes shop shipping container 3


Lamps: The ceiling installs 3 big modern and fashion lamps from relevant distance. The lamps can make the shop inside very bright but also is the decoration for the shop container.

20ft shipping container shop

Wall & floor: the wall and floor is white. It is simple but it can fit the black clothes shop shipping container well. It can make the inside layout looks delicate. If you have favorite style of the wall and floor, we can also customize it.

3D design

We can make clear 3D model for the shipping container shop for you. Then you can see the whole effect with details. The design time needs 2-4 working days and charge favorable $300. The service has 3D effect, modification and building drawing.

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