Retail Fast Food Cart Delicate Food Display Stand

Some people like to have a cart to spend their time at night when they are off working. They like to develop retail business as sideline. It is a very good life style.Do you want to have a cart to sell something too? Here I introduce you one fast food cart.

Fast food cart style

Here is one fast food cart to sell the cakes,crepes, waffle and others. And its design is very delicate which is with North European style features.We can see the features show on its pillars, handles and supporting feet.

fast food cart 1

Front view

It has a light box to show the fast foods patterns on the cart body. Then people can choose the foods they want. The picture is vivid and more easier to attract the customers. Besides, the display freezer is at the cart to show the cakes and other foods. People can see the real foods directly and are more interesting to people and inspire their purchasing desire. The beside space can be for you to put cashier register or other machines.

fast food cart 2

Back view

We can see the back side has the drawers and cabinets. It is so useful for you to store the food package bags or something. They have the locks and keep your stuff safe, especially the money.The wheels are decoration only, you can put it in a good fixed position. If you want it to be movable, we can also install real wheels. We can the cart top and bottom have the LED lights and make the food cart fantastic.

fast food cart3


As we see here, the sticker is green and white which looks nice. If you have your sticker file, we can use your sticker type to make the design and produce for the cart.It is a good decoration for the cart too.

More information

Length*width*height: 180*80*220cm

Material: MDF (Can be changed)

Real production show

You can see the real effect of the fast food cart and find it is so is beautiful.

Out of website from here.

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