Retail Mobile Coffee Trailer Street Selling Beverage Cart Design

The coffee is a fast selling and popular drink. Almost people like to drink it. People not only drink it for refresh themselves but also just regard it as the beverage for enjoying and relaxed. For the retailer, it is very easy for them to make the coffee in a fast time. In this way, it won’t delay the consumers’ time and retailer can sell many cups of it when many customers. The outdoor coffee trailer is a wonderful booth for business.

Surface structure

Take a look at the coffee trailer the structure, its two sides are big areas for serving the customers. The window has the supporting bars. When you work, it can hold up, and be a shade or rain shelter for customers. When you are off working, it can come down for safety. The front end has a window and another end is a door with window. Such design can be airy and breathable and let you see surrounding environments. 

The food trailer bottom has the wheels and two jacks to support it stably. Besides, the front side has a strong head for connecting other car or truck. You can move the trailer to any places.

Working area

The inside part has the stainless steel counters with sinks for you to put the machines, coffee beans, coffee cups and other stuffs. Besides, there are sinks inside for working. We can offer heaters and water system. The electric items includes sockets,switches, plug will be inside cart body for the equipment using. The floor can be Non-slip aluminum flooring or customized the PVC leather floor for you. The lamps or LED light strips can be at the ceiling or window part, which can increase the warm atmosphere.

Signage design

The slogan board is added at the trailer top and logo with patterns are also at the cart body. It expresses the information to people about selling coffee well. The individual signage can stand on the floor to show the menus then people can order. It is portable and conveniently.


Its color is bright red and very eye-catching. Other colors also can be made for the trailer.

More information

Trailer overall size: 3000*1620*2350mm

Cart body size: 2200*1620*2000mm

Packaging size: 2350*1750*2150mm

Material: Anti-rust galvanized sheet

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