Retail Mobile Pizzas Trailer Street Fast Food Snack For Sale

The mobile trailer is one interesting option of street business for people. It can meet the needs of the street vendors who don’t need to disassemble. Crepes, waffle and pizza are delicious and popular fast foods to meet people’s hungry and eating desire. If you want to sell these foods, you need one functional and attractive mobile pizzas trailer to support business.

Mobile pizzas trailer introduction

Here one pizza trailer is so fantastic, wonderful, beautiful and romantic. First, its color is light pink. It is one color the girls like very much. The pink means romantic and youth. From the sales window, we can see different flowers on the counter. They are beautiful attractive artistic decoration. It provides a good atmosphere. What’s more, around the windows, there are still green plants decorations. It is close to the nature. People will be attracted by your beautiful booth. If you have the fixed place, you can also put real green plants at food trailer two sides. And the floor stand sign is very useful for you. No matter where you go, you can put the sign in front of cart to catch people’s eyes. The floor stand sign can show your logo, poster or something. And you can put flower decorations on the sign. It looks so lovely.

Mobile pizzas trailer

Let’s focus on the front end design now. The top has the round light box to show the booth foods pattern. It can be luminous at night and very shining. The light box sign also has the green decoration. One arch lighting window is in the middle to get lights for you at day time. Under the window, there is also one booth sign. It is so meaningful. Besides, a small sign is hanged at the sales window canopy. People can see your brand from every direction. One small air conditioner is on the traction system of the pizza kitchen trailer. The tow bar can hold it stably well. The yellow external power is for connect other sockets to get electricity.

Mobile pizzas truck

The door not only has lighting window too, but also has the logo pattern. For the mobile pizzas trailer, it has more one decoration element. Besides, on the door two sides, there are basic normal tailing lighting devices. It is necessary for the mobile model. The basic device still has wheels and brackets at chassis.

Mobile pizzas cart

Interior layout effect

The working counters are enough wide with some cooking wells. And you have the water sinks to wash something during working. You can put relevant machines under or on the counter. On the wall, we set enough sockets for the machines. The air conditioner is at the wall top area. Besides, the lamp is with soft lighting at the ceiling. You still can add some beautiful light strip around the sales window. People will be attracted by your food truck lighting at night.

food trailer

food truck

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