Retail Outdoor Fast Food Cart Mobile Snack Cart For Sale

The outdoor fast food cart is very popular in the retail business. The carts business can drive the economy and development of many different places, especially in travelling areas. The fast foods not only are low cost but also are delicious, which are popular by young people. And the carts are low cost too, and retailers prefer to use it to do out business. You can sell everything you want.

Outdoor fast food cart description

From the surface, we can the cart has wooden board decoration. This one cart has wooden color, black and blue. The wooden color makes the cart look natural. One menu can be put on the pillar side to show to people. It is more easy and convenient for people to see your products and prices. Besides. the blue sign is in the cart body area which increase the decoration for the cart. The bottom has many universal wheels. You can push it the street easily. The top frame, pillars and countertop all are metal. The top frame is metal nets shape.

Outdoor fast food cart

What’s more, the cart can be designed into other type with same style. They have some same design points and different design points. We still can help you install the lamps at the top frame, then the cart can be bright at night. Besides, the end can have the handles then you can move easily. We see the countertop is stainless steel type, which is so glossy and clean. It can hold the machines very well. The cart has some drawers and cabinets. And the wheel is big bicycle wheel.

food cart

We will send you one whole cart. And you don’t need to install it. When you get the cart, you can start business at once. Our workmanship can remove your worries.

snack cart


If you would like a new food cart design, please tell us your size requirement and the style you like. We can make your logo, menu and poster effect on the cart for you. We try our best to meet your requests.

street snack cart

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