Retail Outdoor Kiosk Container Custom Street Stall Booth Design

More and more retailers like to proceed their business at outdoor. As long as they have the location and booth, they can start business at once. The outdoor have many busy places for business, and you can choose freely. Besides, you can sell any products you want. Next, I will introduce you outdoor kiosk container booth today. You will find its advantages.

Outdoor kiosk container description

The retail shop is shipping container type. We use the black shipping container to remould the booth. From the facade, 2 third areas are made into the glass door and window. And 1 third part is another area for the storage room which is with a black door. People can see your booth products, layout and decoration style from these shopping windows. If people are interested in your products from outside, they will come into your shop. What’s more, one red booth logo is above at the glass door. The shop name can let people know your brand. And it is also your booth image.

Outdoor kiosk container

Interior layout

There are many tall display cabinets and shelves along the outdoor kiosk container wall. They have many display layers and you can display your different products. What’s more, there are still some short display shelves in the shop middle part. It is middle island type and consumers can shop around them. In addition, the wall area also has some decoration such as the logo. And the small cashier counter is put at one end. All display fixtures color are red and white. If you need other styles of the fixtures, we can make a new effect for you.

outdoor retail kiosk


The kiosk container is metal with high quality glasses which is hard, strong and durable. The inside fixtures material is MDF, and surface workmanship is our best 5 steps baking paint. They will be very glossy and looks high-end. If you want them matt, which is feasible. Besides, the fixtures also can be plywood with fire-proof plate materials. It is high level material if you like them more high quality.

Outdoor retail booth

3D design

We support 3D design service too, because we are a custom manufacturer. And normally we customize the kiosks and shop furniture for our customers. No matter what ideas or requirements you have, we can meet your needs. If you sell food, or gift or flowers, there will be style of food kiosk, gift kiosk, flower kiosk etc for you. The design cost is 400 USD for one container and time spends 2-4 working days.

street retail stall

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