Retail Outdoor Pizza Van Mobile Pizza Truck For Sale

Pizza is the most popular snack in people’s daily life, normal parties. Besides, many people like to regard the pizza as the main food for their daily meals. In recent years, the food trailer plays an important role in the street food business. If you sell popular pizza food, we can help you build one pizza van. Please follow us to learn about the van features first.

Pizza van description

The pizza van color is bluish-green, which is a seldom natural color in life. It is different from other vans. Of course, if you have favorite colors, color customization is available. The pizza van has several windows, the front and back side window is for ventilation and the right side big window is for selling pizzas and other foods. The sales window is sliding type. It is very easy for you to operate. It still has the shelter which can block the sunshine and rain. When you don’t use the van, you can close it and the whole fast food truck looks enclosed and secure.

pizza van

The pizza trailer wheels are double axle, which can support such big truck. Double axle also can make the food truck looks more strong and durable. In addition, the 4 lifting at 4 corners plays the role of auxiliary to make pizza trailer more stable.

pizza van window

This is another side of the pizza van and it looks very smooth. It is pure color without other decoration, because the pizza van style is simple. If you pursue other style and want the van more colorful, it is available to customize. The tow bar can support very heavy stuff. It is very practical. You can pull the pizza truck by car to any places safely.

pizza van 2

Normally, the door design is at the food van rear. It is reasonable because the channel is in the middle. It is convenient for you to come in or out. In addition, there are the tail lights at the door two sides. The people who is driving behind the pizza van, they can notice it and keep safe distance.


The standard worktable is with cabinets,shelves and sink for you. They are at two sides and leave a big channel space in van middle. Then you won’t feel crowed and work comfortably. You can put many machines on the countertop. The wire, socket, transformer and other electric wires are complete inside the truck.

pizza van layout


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