Retail Park Beverage Kiosk Custom Street Drinks Stand

When we go to the park to enjoy the free time, the retailer booths sell many things. We can always buy the fast foods, toys and some daily products from many retail booths. For example, when people feel thirsty, they will want to buy drinks from the stalls. If you want to start small business of selling beverages at this stage, you need  one booth first. How is the park beverage kiosk? We have one to show you.

Park beverage kiosk description

This one beverage kiosk mainly sells coca cola. One big coca cola picture is on the kiosk sell window side. Every one knows the brand of the coca cola. The brand effects will help you attract consumers to buy coca cola or other beverages and some snacks etc.. What’s more, the sales window top sets one sunshade with red and white cover cloth. The snack kiosk right side has the daylight windows too. And the kiosk corners are curved not sharp, such design looks more nicer. And its edges and some places are with red frame decorations. Other parts are apricot. The back wall shows big pattern of the coca cola. The beautiful brand image is a big promotion effect to lead the consumers.

Park beverage kiosk

street food kiosk

The roof of the beverage food stall adopts the house roof building design point. It is very good for draining the rains. And the roof is is red too which fits the whole kiosk color series. The park beverage kiosk left side design is the door device. In front of the door, you can place the two steps stairs for walking conveniently.

outdoor food kiosk

Interior design

The beverage stand inside wall has some display shelves. You can display some snacks or room temperature beverages. Due to you sell beverages, so you can put many refrigerators in the kiosk. The front part has the counter for you to put something, such as cashier register.


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