Retail Small Hot Dog Trailer Street Mini Snack Cart

Hot dog is one delicious snack. All people like it especially the children. Besides, the hot dog can be the ingredients for hamburger, breads and other foods. If you sell hot dog at the streets, you can sell well because it is so popular. Here we introduce one style of the small hot dog trailer to you. You will learn about its usages and features.

Small hot dog trailer description

This one small hot dog trailer is open style. It fits the street booth styles well. People can see what you do and sell, besides, your foods smells can come through easily to attract the people. The whole trailer is made of the galvanizing material. It has one big foldable sunshade for your work. Look at the food truck others sides, the cart body also has the storage cabinets. Then you can put something inside cabinets. The rear end has the tailing lighting device. It also can show the reflective information.

Small hot dog trailer

Small hot dog trailer 2

The front end still has the tow bar design. The chains on tow bar is for connecting the car. And guide wheel is for turning the direction when you move it on the road. Besides, the snack cart has the big wheels with high quality tires. And it also equips the jacks to hold the cart body too.

Small hot dog traile3

food truck

Countertop design

The countertop leaves the spaces for putting your working equipment to make hot dogs. There are the wells and toppings to put the ingredients or hot dogs. And there is also one display shelf wit two layers. The round light box logo is at the shelf top. The sign shows people information of hot dog. One small table at the edge side which can be up and down. When you finish the hot dog foods, you can put it on the table then people can take them. In addition, the small catering trailer also equips the water sink for you to use. We can offer the water tanks and pump device together. They will be put in one side cabinet.


Cart dimension: 230x80x90cm

Cart with tow bar dimension: 310x110x132cm

Size customization is available.


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