Retail Snow Cone Trailer Custom Smoothie Snack Truck

Snow cone is also popular in summer, which is popular as the same as the ice cream. The snow cone can also have different tastes and shapes. People like to eat in hot day too. There are many street retailers sell this snack by food trailer. Are you looking for one retail snow cone truck? I will introduce you the retail snow cone trailers for you for reference.

Retail snow cone truck description

Here the snow cone trailer color is deep orange and this one color looks very beautiful. It is warm color tone. No matter what kind colors you like, we can make it on the snow cone truck for you. Look at this one, its sales windows have the glass baffles and they are sliding. The external still has the sunshade which can offer double protection for the truck. The bottom is the wheels with single axle. The tow bar is at front side of the snow cone trailer, then it is convenient for you to move to any places. The brake system is complete.

Retail snow cone truck

And here is green one. Its sales window layout is different from the above one. But others almost basic structure is the same. The door is made at the food trailer back. And the door is with a glass window at top. 3 sides are with the windows, then you can get fresh air and feel cool from the wind. The standard steering lamps are at the rear bottom. It can make other drivers to notice it.

Retail snow cone truck 2

The paints on the food trailer looks very glossy and high-end. But you can also put some creative and attractive decoration or information on it, such as promotion poster with snow cone pictures. The chassis has 4 lifting jacks, which are very convenient to put the up and down.

Retail snow cone truck 3

Internal layout

Normally, there are the stainless steel working benches at the food truck inside two sides. You can display the products, put machines on the counters and make foods. The working benches also are with two layers shelves for you to put everything. The internal space is big for 2-3 persons to work. You can put many kitchen machines inside and won’t feel crowed, because all size is suitable.The basic water sinks, lamps, electric stuffs are complete in the fast food van.


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