Retail Wooden Snacks Cart Natural Style Drinks Food Cart

The small carts are very suitable for many occasions uses, such as mall, shop, outdoor street. When you want to sell hot selling snacks or want to make promotions at the exhibitions, you can use the cart. It is small but its cost is low, its functions are enough and it is convenient. Here is one wooden snacks cart to you for reference.

Wooden snacks cart description

The wooden snack cart is natural style. Its colors are black and wooden color with a good application. The cart top and the cart bottom has the solid wooden decoration piece by piece, which is with layering feeling. The clear white acrylic logo letters are on the top to let people notice easily. Besides, one long menu is hanged at top too. The menu full with all kinds of popular snacks and drinks. When people see the menu, they can order the foods on the cart so conveniently.

Wooden snacks cart

The cart body has two parts. One part is taller than another part. The taller part has the glass baffle to avoid unnecessary pollution. Besides, one this counter, there is still one black board with white logos. Then people who is waiting for their foods, they can have more impressions one the food cart. Another short counter is for placing the displaying equipment. It can display snacks which you sell.

retail snacks cart


You don’t need to worry about the storage. Even it is small, but we take good use of its space. The top and cart counter, we all make them into the drawers and cabinets. So you can put any foods accessories inside for efficiency working.

food cart

Occasion use

The wooden snacks cart can’t take up too much space. It is not limited by locations. So you can place it in your shop or any business places to offer snacks to people.

If any questions or needs, welcome to consult us. We are here to provide help at any time.


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