Round Coffee Kiosk Cafe Cup Style Outdoor Booth for Sale

Do you like to drink coffee? Outdoor coffee kiosks help to expand the business because they can buy a cup of coffee directly from you. Today, I want to share a popular coffee cup shape kiosk with you. Let’s view more details together.

coffee stand

Description of coffee cup kiosk

The rounded kiosk is mainly used outdoors, it has a roof, floor, sales window, etc. The round roof at the top looks like a coffee cup that clients can take them away, and look at vividly. Besides, the main tone is brown color, which highly matches the products. A business logo is set on the surface to remind people of your coffee shop.

coffee cabinet

Size information

The diameter is 2m, height is about 2.2m regarding the shipping container height. So it can be shipped as a whole for better usage. This round shape coffee kiosk uses outdoors, so we should consider the outdoor food kiosk location sizes.

coffee booth

Counter information

The inside counter is mainly used to provide service and prepare coffee for sale. We can also reserve enough space for work. We should also think about cabinet location to make it convenient for business. It’s necessary to make a 3D design first because all the details show directly in the 3D design.

Materials details

For outdoor coffee kiosks, it has to use rainproof, fireproof, and anti sunshine material to build. Materials include metal, Plywood with lamination, solid wood, etc. No matter how a unique coffee kiosk you need, we will choose suitable materials for you. Thank you.

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