Round Outdoor Cellphone Kiosk Custom Cellphone Accessories Stand

In this information age, the cellphones become people most important tool to learn about the news fast. If you want join in the cellphone industry, you can sell it well. If you want start it from the small booth first, the outdoor cellphone kiosk is a very suitable and popular type. But as we all know, the cellphone industry is competitive. So it is better to make your booth attractive with relevant features to attract people.

Outdoor cellphone kiosk description

The outdoor cellphone kiosk shape is cylinder. Its diameter is 2m which looks very ingenious. Its main color is blue which matches the business style well. The luminous logo is at the kiosk facade top area. Normally, the logo represents your booth image, and people also can remember your booth name easily. Then it is easy for people to find your booth. The roof part is white which is like a lid of a can. What’s more, we can help you set the slogan on the bottom areas. You can show your brand concepts or promotion information to people. The white letters on the blue background is so clear. And it is also one part of the decorations.

Outdoor cellphone kiosk

In addition, there is one door at the mobile phone kiosk other side. When you go into or come out the kiosk, you can lock the booth. The door is very durable with high quality lock and key accessories. The back side of the booth is without decorations. But if you want it more colorful, we can customize relevant decorations elements for you.

Outdoor cellphone kiosk

Outdoor cellphone kiosk

Interior layout

The middle part is the sales window with tempered glass. People can see your layout from your sales window. There is one semi-arc shape counter with drawers, cabinets and shelves for you to put accessories. You can do cellphone repairing service or display cellphone accessories on this counter. What’s more, there is one display cabinet against the wall, and you can show the mobile phones or accessories. The big bright lamp is set at the ceiling. The floor is also with good material for you.

Production effect

This is the real production effect of this one outdoor cellphone kiosk. It looks very beautiful. The production time is about 30-35 working for one outdoor kiosk. And produce it according to the technology drawing. When you confirm the design we made for you, we can start the production after a deal.

outdoor retail kiosk

Business step

  1. We can talk with each other about your needs and questions first.
  2. To do one 3D design based on your ideas and requirements.
  3. We will modify the design for you and you confirm the design
  4. Make the cooperation
  5. Start production
  6. Arrange packing and shipping

We can talk more details if you have any doubts on the business.


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