Simple Mobile Cocktails Cart Retail Coffee Drinks Trolley

Cocktails are with kinds of the tastes and colors. Its alcohol degree is not very high so it is very suitable for people to drink at parties or daily life. When people drink it, its tastes is the juices. Different colors make the cocktail very beautiful. If you need to make promotion activities or retail business of cocktail, the mobile cocktails cart fits your needs.

Mobile cocktails cart description

The cocktails cart is white and black, and it looks simple, modern and fashion. There are 4 metal pillars supporting the black canopy. The canopy can help you shade and keep the cocktails and foods clean. Besides, the top adds two lamps which can offer bright lighting at night and the lights can also make the snacks look more delicious. You can use the cart to sell all kinds of drinks and snacks.

Mobile cocktails cart

At the cart body two sides, there are the black cocktails logo and patterns. And bottom has the ventilation holes for the Heat dissipation of refrigerator. The countertop is wooden which looks natural and texture. The metal handle is with a little wooden material at cart one end which is for you to push conveniently and comfortably.

mobile snack cart

We can also see that the coffee patterns at the canopy two sides, and one sign is the cart another end. At this one end, the cart body is with the radian and it looks so wonderful. The mainly is to fit two wheels. There is still one small universal wheel at another end. The wheels are made of high-quality materials, which have good wear resistance and pressure resistance. What’s more, the universal wheel has brake. It is safe and convenient when you are working.

food cart


Whatever what colors you want to make on the cart, it is feasible. The other colors can make the cart looks very fresh bright-coloured and more eye-catching. It is more easy to catch people’s attentions. You can chooses colors according to the style you like.

retail cart

Occasion use

The cart is 1.2m long mini type, and we can make the sizes if you have a request on the size. You can use the cart in restaurants, hotels, malls, outdoors, bars, parties etc.. The cart is really convenient for your work because it is portable.

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