Simple Mobile Small Food Trailer Gray Retail Snack Truck

At the delicious food streets, we always can find many different kinds of snacks. The foods make the food streets very busy and popular, especially at night. Most people can take good use of the night time to do the retail business after off official working. For those retailers, the mobile small food trailer is their most useful tool according to their flexible time. Do you want to do small retail business too? Here we show you one tool.

food trailer


Mobile small food trailer description

Here one small food trailer can be mobile for you conveniently. And you can pull it to any one food street or occasion. Its surface has pure gray color, which looks very glossy, which is like mirror and can reflective. It shows high quality feature. The mobile small food trailer front head has the big ventilation window. The power supply And tow bar is for you to move the trailer. It has durable and high quality guide wheel and chain device. And you can use rest assured. The food truck right part designs the long service window. When you do the business, you can open the window door. You can make some decorations or promotion on the small food trailer another side. The chassis middle equips with single axle wheel. It is helpful for mobile conveniently. And jacks are hidden at the chassis.

mobile small food trailer

mobile food truck

The door at the snack trailer has one arch shape daylight window too. And door has relevant high quality lock for you to make the security. And rear bottom has the tail lighting system. The drivers who are behind the mobile small food trailer, they can see the system warning.

food cart

Internal layout

The stainless steel counters have different storage layout for putting something, such as machines. The counter also has the cashier drawer for you to put the money safely.  It also has the keys. And the flat and clean countertop can be for you to make the fast foods. At the catering trailer wall, it can hang some kitchen machine, such as range hood. Besides, the safe electricity is also on the wall. You can open the switch to use the electric power. And floor type is aluminum non-slip type.

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