Simple Outdoor Photo Booth Street Photo Kiosk Design

In daily people, most people need to submit their image photos. For example, no matter when they interview for a job or submit other data for other usages, they need it. In addition to this, some young people like to take photos with friends for fun and as a souvenir. I share you one outdoor photo booth today. If you want to start this business or other business, the outdoor booth is very suitable for you.

Outdoor photo booth description

You can need to find a good outdoor place with relevant enough big space fro your business. Then you can start a outdoor booth business. Look at this one outdoor photo booth, its main color is white and with a little black decorate the white parts. The white booth is also eye-catching and let people notice easily from far away. At the top, the black logo shows people what booth it is. And there is one big door with one red curtain. The door welcome people into the booth for taking photos. For the safety, the door also has the roller shutter door and you can close it.

Outdoor photo booth

What’s more distinctive is that the roof is with round radian shape and the black frame is around the roof. On the roof, there is one very vivid decoration which is the camera model. It can show people more direct information of photos. While people pass-by the photo booth, they can go into for taking photos, especially for that lovers, friends, family. It is very meaningful. And at present, the competitive is not big, you can get many consumers.

retail kiosk

The booth is simple and other sides are pure white too. If you want it more colorful and attractive, you can put some creative posters or promotion information on the booth. Then people can stay more time to learn about your business information at the booth. If you just like simple style, the design is suitable.

retail booth

3D design

When we design the kiosk for you, we will create the 3D models and render the effects to you. In this way, you can see the details and know what it should be. After we have communicate details, we can start the design step first. Design costs 300USD, and time is about 2-4 working days.

Kiosk design

Delivery time

Production: 28-35 working days

Shipping: 25-30 days

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