Simple Retail Beach Booth Customized Juices Fast Food Kiosk

In the summer, there are many people having activities at the beach to enjoy their holidays and free time. At the beach, it can’t have no the retailers to sell beach toys,dress, beverages, fast foods and other products. It is because scenery is also a big market which full with many consumers. There are many retail beach booths along the beach. Here I will share you our one kind retail beach booth.

Retail beach booth description

This one beach booth style is retro and nostalgic. Its main color is blue and white which fit the sea item very well. We know that the sea is also blue under the blue sky. The kiosk structure is the same as the house shape with the sloping roof. And the logos are at the roof two sides and the house front side. People can know you retail booth well. Inside the retail beach booth, it has the counters for you to make juices. The counter color is blue and its countertop is brown. On the counter, it has some display lattices to display some items as the decoration. Inside the working area, you can add the machines. And the counters also have the storage space. On the kiosk wall, it shows cute and creative fonts to express the information, which looks beautiful.

beach booth

Customers area

3 customers chairs are put in front of the counter, then people can enjoy your beverages and meal at the dining table casually. Besides, at the retail kiosk two sides, there are comfortable blue and white lazy sofas. When people play tiredly, they can buy your food and have a good rest at the sofa happily. It is a good value-added experience. And people will like your retail stall very much.

beach food kiosk


At the retail beach booth roof, it has some product signs and a logo board. What’ s more, one surfing board also shows the shop logo at the left pillar, and another pillar shows many blue board with relevant information. Then people know what you offer and have a deep impression. In addition, there are some blue sails at the lazy sofas beside to divide the whole booth space. All decorations can show the beach theme on the food kiosk.

beach food stand



3D design: 2-4 working days

Production: 30-35 working days

Shipping: 25-30 days

Welcome to ask us any questions and we will help on your needs.

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