Simple Snow Cone Snack Truck Retail Smoothie Food Cart

The iced snow cone is popular the same as the ice cream and smoothies. You can sell these snacks at the same time for the retail business. Most people would like to have one food trailer to do their convenient business. The trailer is like one small restaurant. Today we introduce you one snow cone snack truck and show its features.

Snow cone snack truck description

The 3.5*2m snow cone snack truck structure design is simple but it is with wonderful decorations. The truck main color is white. But look at the facade edges, it is beautiful with the purple light strip. The light strip makes the snow cone truck so outstanding and attractive. The selling window is enough big with one relevant window door. And at the left top corner, we set the big and clear luminous 3D logo. And right top corner, there is one round light box sign. These are the wonderful decorations to catch passers-by’s attention. You can open lights when it is night, it will be very shining. And the cart has single wheel with slanted lifting jacks at the chassis.

Snow cone snack truck

snow cone trailer

The rear end has the door for entry and exit for you. And it also has the tailing lighting system. The lighting can offer people warning information. The rear is without the lighting strip decoration. If you want some decorations for the food truck other sides, we can set your logo, promotion information, or some lighting decorations. But if you like the simple decoration style, this one truck can meet your thoughts.

food cart

Interior decoration

The interior of the snack trailer has bright lamps at the ceiling and some light strips on the canopy top. The inside wall has the coating anti-rust treatment which is very clean. You can work at night with these bright lights conveniently. And the working counters are necessary devices. The counters are with storage spaces and it can hold machines, sinks together. The walls are installed the wire devices. And considerate about the safety, we offer non-slip floor.

food truck3D design

We have professional design team which can make the food cart 3D design to meet your requirements. We can also modify the design for you when you need changes. And the design costs 300USD and 2-4 working days only. After finishing 3D design, we can proceed the production steps together.

fast food trailer

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