Small Buns Concession Stand Retail Street Food Kiosk Design

Steamed stuffed bun and dumplings are very common and popular in China. Most people regard them as breakfast. After researching, we found that many foreigners like Asian foods very much. If you have such business in your country, you will have a good profits. Today, let me share you one wonderful outdoor buns concession stand.

Buns concession stand

This one concession stand sells buns, dumplings, coffee and other breakfasts. Its style is simple and but looks beautiful and very nice. The surface of the food concession stand is with wooden board and creamy white board decoration. And these two colors are separated from each other, which looks layering feelings. From this view, we can see a big sales window with a small bar. There is the dumplings pattern or model at the window corner, it is so vivid. Besides, the food names shows on window beside. The information top has different dumplings picture and its bottom has the white logo. This part design is so wonderful. The red luminous logo and the buns patterns are at the buns concession stand. The top logo color is different from the below white one. It is more eye-catching for some people who is far away. Then it can attract more people.

buns concession standHere is the another side design. The design is creative. It also has a window, but there is one line display shelf. The yellow LED light strip is around the shelf. In addition, the black board shows the menu at window beside. The menu has a beautiful drawing. At window bottom, there is the yellow LED light strip decorating the wooden strip. Then the same white logo is also on such side. In this way, people can see your brand on food kiosk top and kiosk body from each direction. The spotlights are at 4 sides eaves. The food stand will be bright at night.

buns concession stand 2Stand layout

The buns concession stand inside layout has a good design. We use tiles to decorate the wall and a blackboard is also on the wall. The big blackboard can show more creative and complete menu information with patterns. The air conditioner is on the top to offer you a comfortable working environment no matter in summer or winter. Besides, there are many spotlights are at the ceiling, which offer enough lighting. About the floor, we can make it non-slip type, wooden type, tile, or more creative style.

More information

Size: 2*2m

Basic material: Metal+plywood

Surface treatment: Aluminum composite panel, wood board

Out of website from here.

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