Small Outdoor Cellphone Repair Kiosk Phone Accessories Stall

Now people can’t leave the cellphone every day. And the cellphone sometimes break, at this time, people needs to find the professional staff to repair the mobile phones. It is because people have many important data in the cellphone. And if the cellphone still can be used, they won’t buy the new cellphones. You can have an outdoor cellphone repair kiosk at street to offer service to people. You can meet many consumers’ needs.

Outdoor cellphone repair kiosk description

This cellphone repair kiosk is small. And its color is red and white, an eye catching color. Other colors are also okay for the kiosk. The top front side has a creative lighting sign to represent the booth concept. And its following is the name of the booth in red. The white board can highlight the letters well. The counter has the white edge and it can show poster of the your service. You can do cellphone repairing on such working counter for your customers. We can also see inside has the display shelf with many layers. And every layer has the signs too. You can put the cellphone accessories or tools on the shelf. And the cellphone booth facade has the durable roller shutter door for security. The roller shutter door is normally used for the shops. Its material is metal and very high quality. It can protect your booth well.

outdoor cellphone repair kiosk

phones accessories kiosk

Look at the phone kiosk left side, it is very colorful because of the attractive sign design and the poster. The poster shows many patterns and information on it. And at this side, the top has the kiosk name. What’s more, the kiosk right side has the SIM card pattern and booth logos. It can let people know your also sell SIM card. And the outdoor phone repair back side has a big poster to show promotion information. The top has the non-luminous logo. The whole phone stall looks very attractive and fancy.

cellphone accessories stall

outdoor mobile phone booth


1. Can you do personalized order?

Yes, we can customize the kiosk according to your requirements.

2. What’s timeline of the kiosk?

Design: 2-4 working days

Production time: 30-35 working days

Shipping: 25-30 days

outdoor cellphone repair kiosk 3


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