Small Red Snack Trailer Retail Fast Food Van For Sale

In the life, people like to eat snacks when they go shopping at the street or in the mall. People always can’t resist the temptation to eat delicious food. If you are good at making snacks, you can start the business easily. The snack trailer is a good platform for you to play the role. You can put it on the busy street, church, school, park, and busy mall etc. It is very free for you. Today, let’s learn about one standard snack trailer together.

Snack trailer description

The snack trailer is bright red to catch people’s attentions very much. People can see your booth from a far distance. The trailer has complete device. It has the tow bar with strong bearing load capacity. The tow bar is durable and not easy to be broken or destroyed. The classic part still is with couplings, hot galvanized safety chain and a jockey wheel. You can use car or truck to pull the trailer everywhere to sell your snacks, fast foods or join the food DIY activities. It is very interesting and you will be very happy to have one economical and affordable snack trailer. The fast food trailer has inner ventilation system windows at two ends.

snack trailer

The big door for entrance and exit is at the trailer rear. It is reasonable because it is convenient for the owner to come in or out. You can open or close the door at any time when working. Besides, the tail lights can let other people notice it, which is a necessary part for each kind car types.

snack trailer 2

The food trailer wheels can be single axle or double axle. It is very resistant to wear and tear when running on the road. It is quality is the same as the car wheels. In addition, the trailer has 4 normal lifting jacks to support the whole trailer body stably. You can stand inside to work rest assured.

snack trailer 3

Snack truck layout

The internal working tables are stainless steel, which matches the snack truck texture well. The working tables includes the water system The complete system is with cold/hot water tap, automatic water pump, plastic water tank, and water drain etc. You not only can put machines on countertop for working but also can store food ingredients and some accessories at counter shelves. Besides, we also equip complete electric device according to your standard. There are wires, cable box, sockets, connector, transformer etc. The inside part is with a wonderful decoration. The wall and ceiling is smooth and floor is non-slip with drain. Besides, the ceiling has the bright lamps.

Customer feedback

This is the snack trailer feedback pictures from our customer. It is so beautiful in the mall. The color is eye-catching. As what you can see here, your logos, product posters, patterns all can be customized on the snack trailer. In this way, the snack trailer can be with more meanings and attractive elements. The elements can be your brand features.

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