Special Lemon Shape Juice Concession Stand Retail Outdoor Fruit Juice Kiosk

The fresh fruit juices are very popular by the people. Most people love freshly squeezed juice. It is because that the juices are healthy with many vitamin nutrition, and it is sweet and delicious. Most people would like to choose one cost-effective booth for business comparing with the shop. Juices is one kind easy job for you to sell. You just need to have the machines in your booth, you can squeeze the juices. Now I introduce you one special juice concession stand. You will love it.

Juice concession stand description

When we see the juice concession stand, we can feel it is special and unique. The most attractive point of the juice booth is its lemon shape. The lemon is one kind fruit which can be made to juices. And the juice concession stand shape can express the fresh juices concept to people directly. The elliptical lemon shape is so vivid to attract people. And its color is also the same as the ripe lemon. The design also shows the details of the booth lemon shape, which shows on the booth ends. It combines the lemon characters. The juice snack kiosk shape can match the juice business well. People like attractive and creative booth and they will have a deep impression. Some young people like to take photos of your booth and help you make publicity. So you can have many consumers at street.

Juice concession stand

Juices concession stand

There is the juices selling window in the juice snack stall middle. The sunshade is yellow and green. The color fit the whole color tone. And the countertop is white. You can put the juices machine such as blender and make the juices directly. What’s more, you can put the ice maker, refrigerator in the juice kiosk. The opposite side is the entry door. When you in the concession stand, you can open the door, in this way, there are two ventilation sides. You will feel very cool when there are the winds, especially in summer.

juice kiosk

snack stall

3D design

No matter what kind of fruit shape you want for the juice booth, we can customize and produce it. Before production, normally the first step is the 3D design. We will create the model and make a reasonable layout based on your some requests and ideas. The 3D design time is only about 2-4 working days, which is so fast. And design fee is favorable, it just costs 300 US dollars.

drinks kiosk

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