Special Outdoor Ice Cream Booth Street Practical Food Kiosk

In the hot summer, when you eat one bite of the ice cream you will feel happy, cool and comfortable. Ice cream is the most popular and best selling snack in hot days. It means a very profitable business. Then most people are wise to start the project before summer, in this way, they can get the booth in time to sell products at right time. Here one outdoor ice cream booth for reference.

Outdoor ice cream booth structure

The creative outdoor ice cream booth shape is hexagon. Its roof is fantastic and charming. It combines the local classic building concepts to express the style. It can let people feel close and warm. Besides, the ice cream kiosk is full vision. People can see your clean inside layout and know how you do the food. And they will feel comfortable and rest assured to buy your fast food. Every side has the practical roller shutter doors. You can open or close easily and they won’t affect your visions. Your product name or other information can be on the kiosk.

outdoor ice cream booth structure

Booth signage

The most unique and special design here is the big signage. The frame is blue and attractive. It forms from many bars and the frame two sides has irregular bars length, which is with layering feeling. And the big brand logo is on the frame. It can help you attract people’s attentions who are far away your food booth. If they are interested in your booth and food, they will come. An attractive signage also has a good influence on the business. Small booths still can’t ignore it.

outdoor ice cream booth

Ice cream kiosk layout

The front side has the big freezer to display many different tastes ice creams. Then consumers can choose what they want to eat. The freezer bottom shows the name of ice cream, people will know directly. Besides, the retail kiosk other sides also sell different food, such as donut, waffle. If you sell different fast food, we will divide different working areas for them. In this way, your work is organized and improve the working efficiency.

outdoor ice cream booth layout

The countertop is curved and irregular shape. Its material is imitation marble, which is with a high texture. It is very easy to be cleaned and water-proof. It can protect the working area and make it durable for long time using. There is one round sink in the kiosk. Besides, you can put some machines on or under the countertop. There are still some storage cabinets for putting food materials or packing bags/boxes etc. At the ceiling, there is one hexagon lamps in the top middle, which is in accordance with the kiosk shape.

More information

Size: 3*2m

Basic material: Plywood + metal

Surface: Water-proof materials treatment

Design fee: 300USD

Design time: 2-4 working days

Production time: 30-35 working days

Shipping time: 25-30 days

Packing: Standard wooden cartons

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