Special Outdoor Ice Cream Stall Attractive Smoothie Snack Kiosk

People like to buy the ice cream to eat in summer. Ice cream can relieve people’s dryness and relieve mood. It is one popular and delicious sweet snack for children and adults. For some people who have the ideas of opening the ice cream booth, they can catch the chance to open one at outdoor. For the outdoor ice creams stall, they don’t need to pay for high rent and shop decoration. Are you fascinated by it?

Outdoor ice creams stall description

Today we share you one creative and special outdoor ice creams stall. Why it is creative and special? It is because its shape is polygonal shape. And the top is with wonderful building feature, which is like the hat with a spire. The edges are with relevant radians. And the roof is with some squama lines. It looks very high-end for the whole snack kiosk. Besides, we can show your logo with a beautiful frame at roof. Then people can notice the logo. Every side has the window door and they have the lift bars to support them when open. The ice cream freezer is on one movable board which can be pushed out or pulled in. When you are away, you can pull the freezer in. In this way, you can close the whole booth well. The wall has the ice cream poster to attract people.

Outdoor ice creams kiosk

Except the roof, the food stall other structure are white but the bottom has some lines decorations. The decoration can be blue, yellow or other colors. Besides, you can also put other decorations, such as the ice cream posters. If you want it more different, we can also make unique decorations on the stall. You can put other machines and other things on the counter for working. The counter bottom also have the cabinets. And the door is at back side.

Outdoor ice creams stall

Real effects

These are the real productions effects of the the stand booth series. Their main structure is the same, but some are adjusted according to the size and some decoration requirements. All is beautiful and we can customize to meet your ideas. The all kiosks have the lighting devices and high quality floor design.

street ice cream kiosk

outdoor food kiosk

snack kiosk

Color option

Here is one red stall, the color is fresh and eye-catching. If you would like other colors for the outdoor ice cream stall, we can make the colors for you.

food stall

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