Special Outdoor Ice Cream Stall Creative Drinks Coffee Kiosk

In the summer hot days, no matter the coffee, juice, ice cream, smoothies, drinks all are very popular. They are the snacks which is iced in the refrigerator. They can make people have a good mood and feel cool. You can make the retail business by one functional street booth. Today, I will introduce you one street ice cream stall. It has many wonderful features.

Outdoor ice cream stall description

See, ice cream stall has two colors elements, which is blue and white. The colors looks fresh. The top structure of the outdoor ice cream stall is special. Its corners are round curved type and surface is with a beautiful sticker. The main logo is highlighted in the top middle place which set off  high-end design feeling. Take a view on the facade decoration. Two big different tastes ice cream cones models is at the counter two sides. The middle area still has one small ice cream cone sticker decoration. What’s more, there is relevant freezer which display the drinks in the counter top area. The whole snack kiosk facade layout has the beauty of symmetry and contrast. So much vivid decorations can attract people very easily.

Outdoor ice cream stall

What’s more, look at the ice cream food stall right side, the logo is also at the top middle, and its sides are two symmetrical chocolate popsicles. The following has the three-dimensional model of ice cream cone bottom part. And the ice cream cone top part is one poster sticker on the window. Such kind decoration is so interesting and unique. It offers people one special feeling. The windows door can be opened and to be the canopy for the sales area. It is useful type for keeping out of the weathers.

Outdoor ice cream kiosk

Outdoor ice cream stand

And let’s turn the view on the snack stand left side, the top sign design is the same as the right side. The following is the door of the booth for you. And it is with the poster which shows different kinds snacks. The whole street ice cream kiosk shows people the main snacks. And take the advantages of decoration to catch people’s eyes. Normally, unique booth always can win peoples’ favorable impression, which is good for your business.

food kiosk

Interior design

The interior design is designed into delicate shop layout for you. The wall has a good smooth treatment. And at the front side, we can set several light boxes for you to show menus or main popular products to attract people. There will working counters, lamps, electricity devices inside for you.

3D design

Before production, the 3D design is necessary. It is because that normally what we do is customized type, and the kiosks need to be met your business, ideas, requirements, concept etc.. If the mall or local managers need to check your booth design details, you have to send files to them for approval. So 3D design is very basic step. For the kiosk, we only charge 300USD and we just need to spend 2-4 working days to finish it for you. The services also includes modification and technology drawing, which is very comprehensive.

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