Special Retail Kitchen Trailer Custom Snack Truck Design

We always can find many fast foods from outside. It is because the booths are very flexible which can be moved freely. It is flexible work for those people can do their business at free time. The retail kitchen trailer is very functional and convenient for the retailers. They can change their working time and working places. And the kitchen trailer is a good booth platform for them. Do you want to have one useful booth tool?

Retail kitchen trailer description

Here this one retail kitchen trailer shape is very special and attractive. It is like the boat shape, which is so interesting. Amazing booth design can catch people’s attentions at their first glance. In this way, it can cause people’s desire to buy your fast foods. Special booth structure can be always more standout and competitive than others. It can help you win the customer flows. The boat shape food trailer installs the rectangle windows with sliding doors. And its beside is round shape window.

retail kitchen trailer

What’s more, the retailer kitchen truck still has the daylight window at the front head. When you work at day time, you can have enough daylight to make your food trailer bright. At the same time, you can feel cool and comfortable from the windows. At the window beside, we set one external power supply then you can use electricity at any time. Besides, the tow bar device is for pulling the big cart body. It is very hard and strong at the bottom. It can also help you bear the heavy equipment.

food trailer

Look at the another side of the mobile catering truck, here sets one glass door. The glass door is also helpful for you to see the outside situation. What’s more, we can see the wheels clearly. The wheels are single axle to hold the cart. In addition, the jacks are around the wheels. When you park the food truck, the jacks can offer you the supporting power. Look at the rear details, the middle part also has the ventilation window. The following part sets the tail lights design. We can make your standard tail lights system.

catering trailer

food truck


The boat shape food trailer color is dark blue and looks very nice. All colors are optional for making on the snack trailer.


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