Special Street Retail Kiosk Unique Outdoor Toys Booth

There are all kinds of the business and industries in people’s life. Most business men have the business at outdoor or street. Some people who like creative ideas like to make their shop or booth attractive. No matter how crazy ideas you have, we can customize the street retail kiosk for you. We can make the design into the real production and let you have one wonderful retail shop.

Street retail kiosk description

This is one unique and special retail kiosk. And the owner use the kiosk to sell high grade toys. The design concepts show the high-end and technologies feeling. The most attractive and unique point here is that the car model at the top. It catches people’s eyes very much. For the boys or men, they are fond of the cool car model. Such design also show the main business feature of the kiosk. At the car rear, there is a board to show the kiosk structure and makes it not boring. Look at the kiosk main part from this perspective, it has two doors and the middle has the windows with irregular shape. At the window top, there is the sign to show the shop name or some information.

outdoor kiosk

At the another side of the retail stall, it has a big entrance, and it is with the roller shutter door. Such kind door is widely use because it is so durable. It can make the max security for the whole shop. What’s more, two ends of the street retail kiosk has the light boxes or posters to display the products. It can inspire boys’ interests well. Normally, the pictures can shock people’s visions directly and easily, then people have a deep impression and feeling.

street retail kiosk

Kiosk color tone

The street retail kiosk apply the colors very suitably for the high-end and technology style. The colors has red, white and gray, which match each other. For a high grade shop, the color tone should not too dizzy or too much.

street retail kiosk

Business step

  1. Contact us for customization details of the booth you like.
  2. Pay for 300USD for arranging design issue.
  3. Modify and confirm the design
  4. Make a cooperation
  5. Arrange production and shipping


More details on design, payment, time, production and shipping please feel free to talk with us at any time.

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