Stainless steel coffee cart mobile drink trolley used on street

If you also want to try a new food business, but your budget is limited and funds are tight, you can choose to open a mobile food cart. Its cost is low, no need high rent, no need decoration. You can move it to different places freely. Because the carts will used outdoor ,so its materials are very important. You’d better choose some stainless steel mobile carts.

stainless steel coffee cart

This is a functional stainless steel food cart design share with you. See this street food trolley, its left, front, right side all have flap shelves, when you need use them just flap them up then can put some stuff; if you no need use them just flap them down. They are enlarge your storage space. The front and back have flap door, they can flap up at day time, when night can used to close front and back side, it is very functional. There added lamps on the cart roof. There has a wash sink installed on the countertop. This cart all made of thick stainless steel, it is very durable and weather-proof. It comes with wheels, so you can push it to change locations. If you are new started a coffee business, choose this cart will be a good choice.

mobile coffee cart

Detailed info about this mobile coffee cart

street food trolley

Size: 2.4m by 0.8m

Color: white color

Materials used: 304 grade stainless steel, white powder coat finish

Items included in this cart: stainless steel sink, lamps, tempered glass

Locations can use this cart: park, school gate, playground, street, outside of shopping mall

Customize: different size and colors are available

Production time: 22-25 work days

Package: we will pack it one whole piece use hard wood box


Myfoodkiosk offering a wide variety of food cart solutions, we also offer customized services. If you also need a street food cart and want more details, just feel free to contact us.






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