Stainless Steel Small Hot Dog Cart Retail Food Trailer

We can see the hot dogs at many shops and street booths everywhere. It is because making the hot dog snack is very easy. People just need the oven to bake it. For some retailers who don’t have enough cost for big shops or food trailers, we can customize it within your cost. Do you want a cart to sell hot dogs? Next, I introduce you the small hot dog cart.

Small hot dog cart surface description

This one hot dog cart is stainless steel material and its size is small but it is enough for you the use. You can sell hot dogs, juices, and some snacks together. The small hot dog cart has a big sunshade, wherever you park the mobile food van, you can sell foods under the shade environment because the sunshade can block out large areas of sunshine and rain. In this way, you can work in cool and comfortable environment.

small hot dog cart

At the food truck two sides, there are the cute patterns. The patterns can make the hot dog cart more cute and colorful. We can also put your logo on it. Some decorations on your food cart can attract people’s attention. And let people have some impression of your booth even it is small.

small hot dog cart 2

small hot dog cart 3

Front side

There is the straight tow bar of the small hot dog cart. When you want to pull it to far away places. One guide wheel is under the cart. And one black round shape bucket for putting the kitchen waste when making the foods. In addition, there is one small water sink at the front side. The food cart body has the space for holding the water tanks. It is so functional and convenient.

food trailer

The wheels are with a durable and thick tire, which is very wear-resistant and non-explosive. Further more, it has the mud-proof shell to keep the cart clean.


The countertop has 3 slots for you to put the ingredients or some something. And you put the fast food tools or machine on the countertop of the snack trailer. Besides, we can there is one shelf which not only can hold the sunshade but also has storage space for putting something. What’s more, two sides of the working bar counter can be turned over. When you open it, it can expand your working area. When you don’t use it, it can reduce space. It is very convenient for your work.

Rear design

There are two handles at the end of the food trailer. If you just need to move a short distance, you can push it. And the end part is designed the cabinet with locks. You can lock the machine inside well. Besides, such small hot dog cart also has the basic tail lights at the wheels shell.

More perspective

small food trailer


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