Street Durable Fast Food Kiosk Outdoor Food Stall For Sale

Most people like to have activities at outdoor.Then the retail kiosks are more and more at the street. The most popular industry is the food business. Are you looking for one fast food kiosk? If you can have an attractive fast food kiosk, no matter what food you sell, your business will be popular. Today, we share you one practical food kiosk.

Fast food kiosk description

This one food kiosk is to sell coffee, cakes, breads etc.. The booth design is very modern. Its structure is simple. The main frame is made of metal. Its top all sides have the same logo and symbol patterns of the kiosk. Besides, it also has the eaves. The creative feature of the fast food kiosk is the tempered glass door. 4 sides adopts tempered glass and front 2 sides doors are sliding. People can see your layout clearly. All sight is clear for people. It will attract people to see into your booth when they pass by. All people at street are your potential consumers. Your can put many sets tables with chairs around your booth. Then people can have their fast food and enjoy their free time. It is good way to make the consumers stay and also can attract more people for you.

fast food kiosk

Food kiosk layout

Inside the kiosk, it has a good layout arrangement. There is one display shelf against the kiosk wall. You can put the tea urns at the top. The display shelf also has the cabinets for you to put what you need. The small cabinets are with the golden stainless steel strip decoration, which looks high-end. Besides, one small screen at the shelf end, which can show your menu or something.

food kiosk layout

What’s more, the bar counter is the main role.You can put many machines on countertop and under the counter. The sink is in the counter. The machines are the important tools for you to make the food. Two freezers at front side can display many cakes and fast foods. And its beside is a small reception counter. The menu is also on the counter. When people come into the kiosk, they can order food conveniently.

food kiosk 2

In addition, the food kiosk floor and ceiling also have a wonderful design. The floors can be wooden types with beautiful grains, PVC types or tiles etc. The ceiling is flat and smooth. It can hang the lamps to make kiosk bright at night. Besides, we can also help you install the fans at ceiling if you need. In addition to the bar counter area, it also leaves enough space for consumer who is in the kiosk. Then people can feel comfortable.


The dimension of the fast food kiosk is 3*3m, which is normal size. More smaller or bigger size customization is available.

More information

Design fee: 300USD

Design time: 2-4 working days

Service: 3D effect, modification, technology drawing

Production time: 30-35 working days

Shipping time: 25-30 days

Packaging: Standard wooden cartoon

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