Street Food Stall Design Outdoor Bubble Tea Kiosk in the USA

Food stall is necessary for our daily life. Especially for street food stalls, we nearly buy breakfast, snacks, and beverages here every day. Whenever you plan to open a street food stall, I am sure this outdoor food kiosk helps you well.

Ths street food stall is designed for a customer from Outlets, USA. It’s good to sell bubble tea, ice cream, smoothie, coffee, and frozen yogurt. It fits a location of 10ft by 10ft and can be custom-made in other required sizes. Let’s view more details together.

fast food kiosk

Street food stall design

From the 3D design of the bubble tea kiosk, we can see there is an ultra-thin light box logo on the top of the front side. The consumer can see your business and shop even in a dark environment. Advertising and menu attach to both columns, which guide consumers to purchase products.

street food stall

Materials of bubble tea kiosk

This outdoor bubble tea kiosk mainly uses a metal tube frame with a plywood panel to build the body. We will add insulation wool inside the walls, which is durable and good to use. The outer decoration material is preservative wood decoration, while the inner wall uses an aluminon composite panel surface. They are all water-resistant, sun-resistant, and durable materials ideal for outdoor use. The kiosk has rolling doors on all sides, you can close them at night to protect items from stollen.

outdoor bubble tea kiosk

Location of bubble tea kiosk

It’s good to use in the street, outside the mall, in parks, and any space without shelter. You can even use it in the events to earn money, we can add wheels at the bottom, so you can move them with the truck. If you need a new element added to the street food stall, pls contact us. We can make it meet your demands.

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