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Nowadays, the BBQ not just appears at the party. BBQ is the most popular fast food in daily life. When we go outside the street, we always see that many retailers sell the BBQ. The barbecue is delicious. If you are good at BBQ and want to start the business, the mobile barbecue trailer is very suitable for you.

Barbecue trailer description

This is front side of the barbecue trailer. Then here has the sales window. The sales windows are sliding type. You can open any window you want. A stainless steel bar is at the window for holding food. You can adjust the sunshade width for increasing or reducing shade area flexibly. When it rains, the sales area won’t get wet. Besides, some words can shows on the sunshade to help express some concepts. What’s more, the food trailer has water-proof sticker. The sticker can show the delicious food patterns and promotion words. It is a walking advertising wall, which is vivid and attractive for people. Whatever what patterns and information you want, it is okay to put on the trailer.

barbecue trailer

Besides, the BBQ trailer rear also designs a additional part. It is a fenced corridor with a ceiling to keep out of sunshine and rains. The fence also designs with a door and lamp at the ceiling. Sometimes you can enjoy free time and get some fresh air at the corridor. Then you don’t need to stay inside the trailer all the time. It is very thoughtful. The back area has sockets for people to charge their phones or you charge equipment sometimes. It has a shell to keep it out of sunshine and rain. The food trailer each side has 2 wheels connecting together. It is a good design and convenient for mobile. In addition, the jacks are with the wheels can produce a big bearing load force to support the trailer.

barbecue trailer1Tow bar

The tow bar is very strong and durable. It is one whole with the trailer. Two bars forms a triangle. The bar design here considers the features when pulling it. The short side of trailer also has a window. You can open it when working.

Internal design

There are stainless steel counters at the trailer two sides. The counter is equipped with the complete water systems. They are double sinks with hot and cold water taps, tanks and pump. Further more, you can put your machines on the suitable place according to actual needs. The counters also have storage space for some tools and food materials. The middle space is enough for the trailer owner to act comfortably. Besides, the ceiling is so glossy and flat, which looks high grade. It has two lamp tubes to offer bright lights. It also has the non-slip aluminum floor with water-drain. You can sweep the floor clean easily. There are also sockets, voltage governor, fuse/connecting box and external power supply with cables these complete electric accessories.

Trailer layoutCustomer feedback

More information

Size: 300*200*230cm

Material: Galvanized steel plate

Color: Customized

Packaging: Standard wooden package

Out of website from here.

Barbecue trailer

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