Street Office Shipping Container Outdoor Custom Office Kiosk

The shipping container has many functions, and it can be for all kinds business you want. Some people take it as the shop and some people can use it as the office. If you have relevant area and need the cost effective shop or office, we can offer it to you. I will introduce the office shipping container to you today.

Office shipping container external description

Here is one 20 Feet shipping container as the office for the logistics company. It has many features. That is the signage at the shipping container top. It can show your company marks or company name. The sign can be luminous at night which is eye-catching. Even at night, people can see your company and can find you easily when they have the needs. The shipping container one side is put down as the floor in front of the doors. And the floor has the supporting rod which can be stable. The door is glass type and people can see the layout from outside and let people feel more relaxed. The end is the banner wall for you to put the promotion or advertisement poster. People can learn about your business from the information in poster. Besides, the sunshade is at the top for shield from sunshine and rain.

Office shipping container

On the two ends of the office shipping container, there are the company logo and lighting signs too. To show more signs, it is helpful for people to remember your company when they see you. And it can make the office with relevant company features. At back side, it installs the air conditioner vent. The vent also designs with details. We can see it also has the sunshade. In this way, it can’t be broken by rains easily.

Office shipping container 2


The layout of the office is simple. The staff just need to help you deal with issues by computer. So its inside relevant fixture is simple and a few. Let’s take a look.

Image wall decoration: The office shipping container color tone is blue and white. The office inside wall has a good decoration with blue and white two colors. And the colors divides the wall into two shapes. This is the image wall, so the company signs also are shown on the wall to enhance the company images.

Reception desk: The reception desk is straight. Its color also is blue and white and the colors division is opposite with the wall colors. The whole design has a beauty of geometric. The reception desk has two seats for the staff to meet customers and deal with daily works. You can put some chairs in front of the desk for people.

Basic configuration: A air conditioner is at the top right corner. The staff can work comfortably in the office. And ceiling has the brights lamps. The floor is wooden type which looks natural and also match the inside decorations.

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