Street Pink Candy Truck Outdoor Mobile Snack Trailer For Sale

Candies and snacks can let people feel happy all the time especially for the children. If you sell candies and snacks, the retail candy truck is very helpful. You can move it to any places. But the candy truck can’t be casual, it needs to be attractive to lead children and young people to your booth. Today, you will learn about one beautiful candy truck.

Candy truck description

The candy truck color is bright and attract the children and girls easily. 3 colors pink, amaranth, white are interphase. It is a childishness and romantic color. About the roof, it is triangle and like the house roof. When the windows are open, their edges can show the candy booth brand, logo or some slogans. Besides, the window edge shape is with curved wave shape and is like the castle style. There are 3 sides window and the front side is the main sales window. The shelters can offer more shades and cool environment for the consumers and the booth. The truck has the tow bar for you to pull. Its rear also has the tail lights to make other notice if it is on the road. It has heavy duty override couplings and jockey wheel.

candy truck

Candy trailer layout

The trailer inside has many stainless steel counters for you to put machines and store some your snacks in cabinets. What’s more, there are the shelves on the trailer wall to display the candies and snacks. You can put many stuffs in the candy trailer.

candy truck layout

The candy trailer also has the electric device. For example, the lamps are at the ceiling, the sockets are on the wall or counter for connecting the machines. The trailer also can have water sink with complete water system. The floor is non-slip with drain. The layout is reasonable and suitable to sell candies and snacks.

candy truck layout 2

More information

Size: 10*7ft

Type: twin axles

Weight: about 2500kg

About us

We are a professional outdoor kiosks and trailer custom factory. If you want a beautiful kiosk or trailer to start the business, we not only can make design but also can produce them for you. Welcome to ask us any questions and help.

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