Street Retail Drinks Kiosk Custom Beverage Snack Stall

As we all know, there are so many people outside everyday. If you place one retail drinks kiosk at the street or busy places such as parks, school gate or travelling points, you can sell well. People always have the needs of the drinks, mineral water especially at outdoor. We have one booth to introduce to you.

Retail drinks kiosk description

The retail drinks kiosk design looks very attractive and modern which is very suitable for the commissary style. Although its structure is simple. We see the drinks booth 3 sides are open with the canopies at top. The canopies are red and white colors and they can cover a big area. Besides, one create big red logo is at the roof. It is easy for people to find your booth. The thick metal pillars support the drinks kiosk roof. The pillar can hang the poster for you. Then you can show promotion information. Other parts of the drinks snack booth main color is blue and it is with some red to decorate. There are many display shelves on the back wall. You can display drinks and snacks.

Retail drinks kiosk

One glass type showcase is at front side and you can also display the products. The another one counter has the light boxes to show the drinks pictures and logo. It is effective way to make publicity to let people know what drinks you offered. Whats’ more, the most creative and attractive design for the drinks snack stand is the drinks bottle model. The bottle model is so vivid and realistic at the kiosk right side. Some young people would like to take photos with it and help you make publicity.

snack drinks kiosk

In addition, the retail drinks kiosk left side has one small door which is the exit. And the wall has the wooden board to decorate. Some snack models are on such wooden board as decorations too. It also looks vivid and more attractive especially for the children. In the kiosk, the counters are wooden with sink and cabinets. You can place refrigerator in the booth other space, because it is enough wide. Further more, you can show more products on the countertop to sell.

snack kiosk

Security structure

Due to the food stall is for outdoor use, we consider about the security of it. For the open windows sides, we can set the folded windows or roller shutter doors. In this way, you can close the whole booth and protect your devices and products at night or when you are not in the booth.

food kiosk


1. Can I get my own one kiosk?

Yes, we can help you make 3D design and production.

2. What is the delivery time?

Design time is about 2-4 working days, production time needs 28-35 working days and shipping needs about 25-30 days, total about 2-3 months.

3. How is the payment term?

It is EXW term, and we accept 50% deposit before shipping, 30% progress payment during production and 20% before shipping.

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