Street Small Snack Trailer Favorable Food Truck For Sale

For some retailers, their business range is small, so they just need one small snack trailer which is suitable for them. Even the trailer is mini, but it can meet your all cooking and selling needs. It is enough big for you one person to work inside and operate conveniently. Do you want to learn about the small snack trailer? Today we can share one with you.

Small snack trailer description

The small snack trailer is small, cute, delicate and beautiful. The middle part is white and two ends edges are purple. These two colors elements are very fresh and good-looking. What’s more, the sliding door divides the windows into two square shapes. You can open and push the window casually and sell foods. The canopy at window top is very useful. You can adjust it according to the sunlight directions. When it is raining, people still can come to your booth to buy foods. One delicate logo is under the window. Just a little decorations can make the food trailer very rich.

small food trailer

The small snack trailer can be mobile on the road by connecting car. So it has the traction system. The basic tow bar with iron chain is enough strong for you to pull it. The guide wheel on tow bar is good for direction turning. Besides, the two ends have the lighting window to offer you more bright light at day time.

retail snack trailer

The back wall against the window has no decorations, and middle part all is white, which looks clean and simple. The bottom part has the single axle wheel at the chassis. The diamond shape brackets also at corners to support the snack cart body. You can adjust them well.

street snack truck

In addition, the door also has the logo decoration at bottom. So it will not look so simple about the rear part. The tailing system is with very high visibility. It can reflect the lighting information to others who is behind at the small kitchen truck. We use high quality lock hardware accessories to make on the door for you. It can maintain the security.

food truck


We use the galvanizing materials to make the bottom, structure first. And make the inside stainless steel working benches together. After that, we will make basic paints for you. We will test the equipment before shipping for you.

food cart


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