Tiny Outdoor Coffee Dessert Kiosk Small White Street Coffee Bar

Nowadays, the coffee dessert kiosks at outdoor are popping up all around the world. If you love to drink the coffee in daily life, you can catch the trend to do small coffee business. This is a good opportunity. In order to be outstanding from these all kinds of retail booths, it is necessary to build one perfect kiosk. The outdoor coffee dessert kiosk needs to be with your own brand concepts and unique style. And we can help you on customizing one.

Outdoor coffee dessert kiosk description

The booth is 1.5*1.8m not very big but it is enough to support you to make business inside. The outdoor coffee dessert kiosk is white which is simple looks clean. From the facade, the top has the brown logos and pattern which matches the coffee style. But simple logo can let people know your booth brand and your business directly. Almost every booth has the useful sign.

Outdoor coffee dessert kiosk

The window is from front side to left side. Such kind window design looks fashion and high grade. And it   can let you have a good vision. The sales window type has many frame to divide it into many lattices. Besides, the small consumer bar counter is also along the coffee snack kiosk windows as the L shape. The coffee buyers can sit on chairs to drink coffees and desserts here. What’s more, on the left side wall, there is one luminous light box to show menu.

outdoor coffee booth

Interior design

The interior decoration is very clean and wonderful which is like one delicate restaurant. The coffee food stand has many small white tiles decoration. In this way, the inside part can offer people a high-end feeling. And you can have work in a comfortable booth. The tiles wall is also easy for clean. Besides, the wall also has two layers L shape wooden shelves for you to some tools or decorations. You can also put the picture decoration on wall. In addition, the electricity device is also on the wall. Further more, the counters are along the wall for you to put the coffee and desserts machines for working. And you can also storage something in the kiosk.

outdoor coffee stall

Colors option

We can make different colors for the coffee coffee food stall. You can choose your favorite colors. The kiosk with colors looks very beautiful.

outdoor food kiosk

Production pictures

We use metal material to make the kiosk structure and it is with antirust and moisture-proof paint. The surface is smooth and seamless. Here are the real production effects of high quality outdoor coffee desserts kiosk.

snack kiosk

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