Unique Coffee Cup Shape Kiosk Outdoor Cafe Booth to Irealand

With the fast development of the technical, coffee kiosk become popular among poeple. A unique coffee cup kiosk in the street makes your shop outstanding. Here is a nice coffee cup shape kiosk with you. It’s a very popular coffee kiosk style in Canada, Australia, and the UK. No matter where you use it, we can make it meet your demands.

outdoor coffee kiosk

Description of coffee cup kiosk

This coffee cup kiosk’s diameter is 2m, and height is 2.4m. It’s convenient to deliver to your location. The main color of the coffee cup kiosk includes the roof, floor, wall decoration, and sales window. Inside has a display counter and cabinets, we can also leave space to place machines for work. There is a curved plate on the outside, so clients can pick up items here.

outdoor coffee showcase

We can see the roof is also round shape in white color, looking like a white coffee cup lid. It gives poeple a feeling of what they will get finally.

Material details

Main material: Metal tube frame, wooden wall decoration, plywood counter with veneer. We can also add stickers to the surface. People can view your business well, we can also attach the brand logo and posters to the cabinets. Tempered glass adds to the kiosk to increase transparency. The materials of the outdoor food kiosks are fit for outdoor usage and they can bear changeable weather.

outdoor booth design

Produce time is 28-30 work days, workers follow the steps to the cabinets. They focus on the details and production process, and the brand logo adds to the kiosk with lights. If you plan to open a street food kiosk, contact us and get the perfect coffee kiosk.

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