Unique Ice Cream Trailer Design Creative Outdoor Frozen Truck

Ice cream is a popular fast food in summer. Almost all retail snack shops or grocery store sell the ice cream. It is no doubt that ice cream business is profitable. If you want to start it, the outdoor trailer is the best choice for you. Many people like the different and unique items. The trailer can meet your ideas. Let’s see one unique ice cream trailer.

Ice cream trailer structure

The trailer is a cool shape truck shape based on the owner creative imagination and ideas. Its frond truck head looks very domineering. It is equipped with all truck accessories, such as mirror, big two lamps, and wiper. The most front side has the a thick bumper. The logo is at the top part of driving area. The small lamps are at the top part too.

ice cream truck

This is the front selling window towards to people. What in the eyes is that the big luminous “ICECREAM” Letters signage at the trailer roof. It expresses the information to people directly. Then people can know that truck shape trailer sells ice cream and have a deep impression. Besides, it has a big shelter to provide the shades under the sunshine and prevent the rain. Even raining weather, it can’t affect the business. A freezer displays other fast food at the front selling area, then people can see and buy. The cute brand theme cartoon pictures are on the trailer body, which looks beautiful. From this view, we can see the wheels protecting frame design is retro and cute. The whole ice cream trailer is retro British style.

ice cream trailer

* Back part

Another side of the trailer also has two windows, and it is used for ventilation but also can sell the ice cream from here if someone buy and stay at this side. Two yellow lamps are at the trailer body top to enrich the decorations and make it not boring. The cartoon pictures are also on the trailer other areas. The end of the trailer has a door for you. The door head also displays the logo. Besides, two warning lights are at doors two sides. It is a feature of the truck too. The trailer middle part adopts panoramic glass. You can see the environment and situation and people can see your your inside layout too. The transparent design can let consumer rest assured when they see you to make the food at clean counters.

Truck color

The creative trailer main color is red, and it is a bright color. Red can make the trailer high grade. Different colors can make the trailer have different effect. For example, pink can make it looks romantic and lovely. So if you want other colors to show your brand theme, it can be customized.

ice cream trailerSize

Real effect

The trailer model real effect looks very amazing and so high quality. You can apply it into the life to sell ice cream and attract many people to buy food and take photos. Please contact us if you are interested in it.

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