Unique Outdoor Bakery Kiosk Cake Shop Design for Sale

Do you like the outdoor kiosk to start a business? Bread and cakes become popular among people because people can buy food easily in the street. Here is a nice bakery kiosk sharing with you. You can get more ideas to build your own outdoor bakery kiosk. No matter when you plan to start a business, this bakery kiosk can help you gain more customers.

outdoor bread kiosk

Outdoor bakery kiosk design

This outdoor bakery kiosk size is 3m by 2m, with solid wood bar decoration. It gives poeple a warm feeling and makes the outdoor kiosk luxury and high-end. Doors open at the bask side to enter the bakery kiosk. There is a round-shaped sales window on 3 sides, it decorates the bread kiosk. Employees can view customers going by and provide quick service to make poeple feel comfortable. There are round light box paintings surrounding the cake kiosk, you can put up delicious cake posters here to attract people.

outdoor food kiosk

Layout information

There are glass display cabinets on the front side, it’s good to show all kinds of cakes, bread, and bakery. The main material is Plywood with lamination, which is high and matches the food secession kiosk. We can also put a display counter inside the cabinets.

cupcake kiosk

Logo and ceiling

Round logo with lightbox posters attach to the top ceiling. It reminds poeple of your business and can even make you notice your business at night. There is a roof with line decoration and round support on the top so that your food booth is outstanding outdoors.

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