Unique Outdoor Food Booth Custom Street Snack Stall

With the good life and economic development, people can have more business opportunities. For some retailers, they can choose the booth at outdoor places. And for outdoor business, normally the retail kiosks are their first choice. It is because they can save many costs than the big shops. And they can also customize their theme kiosk style. Today, we introduce you one outdoor food booth. Then you can learn about features of it.

Outdoor food booth description

This one food booth structure is very special, which shows on its top part design. The top is subulate and it is with many layer lines. The big logos are at the roof 4 sides top and slogans under the big logos. From such view, it is easy for people to see your booth brand. Another wonderful design here is that the pillar. 4 pillars are round shape which is like the normal building style. The roof part and pillars all are black. What’s more, every side of the outdoor food booth has the sunshades. No matter the kiosk will meet strong sunshine or rains, they can play relevant role to keep them out. And  you can also adjust the sunshades areas. If it is night, you can put them away.

outdoor food booth

About the counters, they are high quality wooden style. And their surfaces and wall have the retro tiles decoration. The whole food kiosk looks so unique. And we can see that the food booth 3 sides also has the windows design. The windows are grid shape and you can close them when you have a rest. And they are with locks inside for security.

outdoor food kiosk

Interior layout

You can put relevant useful machines on the counter to make the fast foods. The inside wall also has the tile decorations. And the lamp at ceiling and floor is also wooden type. The counters have cabinets for storing the food materials and some food tools.

Dining table & chairs

When you have the booth at the outdoor, normally the space around your booth can be used. At this time, you can put the dining tables and chairs together at relevant places. When you buy foods from you, they can sit and eat the meals freely and comfortably. When the passers-by see your outdoor food stall is so popular, they will also choose to buy your food. This is the promotion effective way too.

outdoor food stall


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