Unique Outdoor Food Concession Stand Special Juices Coffee Kiosk

We can see many outdoor concession stands to sell different foods, beverages and some products in different occasion. There are many kiosks designs. Some can attract us and some is too unimpressive. Normally, there are many consumers wait in line in front of the door of creative food concession stands. Thus it can be seen that the beautiful concession stand is more popular. Today, we shows you one outdoor food concession stand.

Outdoor food concession stand description

This one food concession stand sells coffee, bubble teas, hamburger and some snacks. Its design is so unique with full imagination.The whole one divides two parts inside the kiosk. And people can get a amazing vision feeling because of its structure. How is it? Take a look, one half structure material is glass and it is transparent. Another part is with solid shipping container materials to make working areas. People can see the whole layout. Some products patterns and the logo pattern are on the glass as decoration. The working area part is colorful and looks very creative and wonderful.

outdoor food concession stand

Let’s take a view on the top. One part top is also transparent glass. And it has some frame to make the structure more stable. The inside part can get some sunshine from the glass top and make inside part more bright. Besides, people also can see the night scenery with starts and moons at night if they are in your concession stand. The outdoor food concession stall another part top is higher than glass top. Then people can the beautiful signs design. Its two sides has the logo and middle part shows products patterns and a little slogans. The glass part of the food kiosk has a big space, and you can place some chairs or tables as consumers area. When it rains, people can sit inside your kiosk to enjoy the foods.

outdoor food concession stand 1

The whole shipping container part is very beautiful because it has several colors and the effect is very artistical. Besides, it has big foods patterns to attract the consumers. It is not only colorful, but also with patterns to show the brand concepts. One big promotion poster is on the shipping container right side. Then people can know your activity.

outdoor food concession stand 2


The beautiful lamps decorations are hanged at the glass ceiling, which adds many warm atmosphere to the street food booth. No matter people are out or inside of your booth, they can see and the beautiful and fancy atmosphere. Such nice concession stand design can be a popular place for Internet celebrities to clock in. In this way, you can have many consumers. At the sales area part, there is a long menu at top for people to choose the foods. And some freezers at front counter to display the foods, and there still has other machine and cashier register. And you can make the beverages and foods at the back counters. You can also place the shelves in the bar counter area for convenient works. What’s more, the wall and floor all is decorated by the wooden material and looks natural.


The metal is to be made the frame. And the frame holds the high quality glass and shipping container. The counters materials are stainless steel and plywood. The wall and floor surface is the fire-proof panels. Other accessories are lamps, logo, hardware accessories etc..

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