Unique Outdoor Hot Dog Kiosk Street Hamburger Booth

Many retailers are selling a lot of fast food, snacks, daily commodities, ornaments, etc. Some people have retail as their main business, others have it as a sideline. The streets are at their busiest at night, because people like to enjoy their time after off work. Nowadays, the retail business is very profitable. How to start your retail business? The outdoor hot dog kiosk can support you.

Hot dog kiosk description

Today I introduce one hot dog fast food kiosk for you. We can see this one outdoor hot dog kiosk structure is very designed. The kiosk’s main body has natural solid wood strips. All look three-dimensional. The front side has a big black window with round curved corners. People can order and take away the food here directly. The window design is thoughtful too. It has spotlights to enhance the vision. People can see the menus at the top and beverages at the bottom. It is a good item placement. Most people will buy beverages together to match the food. What’s more, the consumers can also see the kiosk inside layout. The inside part wall has the black tiles decoration and the brand concept information logo. They can see inside the clean working area. There are some counters with sinks and some machines for operating.

hot dog kiosk 1More struture details

Furthermore, the hot dog kiosk leaves a big top area to show the logo, advertisement slogan, etc. The logo is acrylic 3D luminous letters. It is very clear and easy for people to remember the brand name and cute pattern sign. The slogan is on a round curved corner to make this area not monotonous. A big, simple, and clear logo design can enhance your brand and people’s impression. The LED lights are around the top and attract people’s eyes. There are two poster boards on the kiosk two sides. And it is to show the hot selling or discount hot dog foods. Or you can install a machine here to let people order by themself conveniently. The bottom has beautiful lines patterns and the color of the line. One cylinder stands with a cute sign in front of the kiosk to increase more atmosphere for the hot dog kiosk.

Multiple views of hot food kiosk

hot dog kiosk2

More information

Size: 3*2.2m

Color: Wooden, black

Main material: Plywood, stainless steel

Surface treatment: Solid wood strip, metal baking paint, veneer, tile, etc

Accessories: 3D luminous logo, LED light strips, Menu light box, spotlights, sinks

About us

We have professional experience in customizing and production. We can customize any type and shape of outdoor kiosk for you to meet your all ideas and requirements. Out of the website, please click here.

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