Unique Outdoor Shawarma Kiosk Retail Fast Food Stall

In the middle east countries, shawarma is the most popular snacks in their daily. This is one of their local features. No at matter in the mall, street, park, or other busy places, we can see shawarma everywhere. In such big market, you can have one outdoor shawarma kiosk to sell popular shawarma snacks. How does the kiosk can be? Let’s take a look.

Outdoor sharwarma kiosk description

At the sharwarma kiosk, you can sell many different kinds snacks of shawarma. Look at the kiosk structure, it is so special and novel. The main top part area is divided into geometric shapes, which is symmetric. And the yellow LED acrylic lights decorates the edge. Besides, one part is black and another part interior wall has title decoration, which forms contrast. It offers the strong visual feeling to people. The irregular lighting sign is on the kiosk top. And following are two light box menus. People can look at what they want to eat. What’s more, the other side is the sales window. And you can put cashier register on the counter. The food stall bottom also forms geometric shape and its direction and style is different from the top. The different color logo is on the layers. The whole facade looks so creative with good visual feeling.

outdoor shawarma kiosk

From the view to see the snack kiosk, the yellow LED lighting and bottom wooden layers extend to kiosk right side. And it has the layering beauty. The outdoor sharwarma kiosk has very creative design points. And the top also has the signage to show different information. Two big cute logo on the top can catch people’s eyes too. They will know and remember your food booth. The left side of the outdoor shawarma kiosk one edge also has the light. The lights highlight the kiosk structure division. And the rest is black without logo or posters.

Outdoor shawarma kiosk 2

outdoor food kiosk

How to proceed the business

  1. Contact us talk about your main business, size, and requirements of the kiosk.
  2. Pay for 300USD to make 3D design.
  3. Modify design and confirm it.
  4. Make a deal
  5. Production and shipping.

Any information please talk with us at any time.


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